Insulting, Creepy, Ignorant, just plain sad. What do you think?

Cruising on a shrimp boat in Louisiana

Cruising on a shrimp boat in Louisiana

I rarely look in the “Other” message folder on Facebook. How often to you check yours?

I confess it took me a while to even find it. Close to a year. When I did, it was littered will all sorts of weird comments. I hit “delete conversation” and didn’t look back.

But yesterday…during my celebratory revel over Bayou Bound—InD’tale magazine gave it a 4.5 Star Review with a “heart and crown” (which means the reviewer LOVED it and I’m feeling like Sally Fields giving her Norma Rae Oscar acceptance speech, “You LIKE me! You really LIKE me.) and over the news that the cover is a Semi-finalist in the Cover Contest—I checked my messages on FB. The “Other” folder had been cleaned out a week ago and it contained one lone message.

I read it. Various emotions shot me as though I were a paintball target. The first word that came to mind was:

Creep /krēp/ noun: creep; plural noun: creeps
1. informal a detestable person.

Now, creep isn’t a word that I recall ever crossing my lips. So, I looked it up. Urban Dictionary says, “1950′s word used by women to decribe an undesirable man.”

Yes, Urban Dictionary has misspelled “describe” in their definition. However, “1950’s woman” isn’t my generation. Yet, I read on, the related words: creeper, creeping, stalker, weirdo, loser, pervert, freak, jerk, asshole, lurker.

So what word really fits this alleged person (who knows, I guess it could’ve been computer generated)? Read what was written below and tell me what you think.

And remember, what is written is exactly as I copied it.

Hello How are you doing I assume that we have not met neither have we communicated before, firstly, my name is Solomon,I am sending you this e-mail with all humility and every seriousness of heart. because When I saw you, the world stops as if the only purpose in life was for me to please you,when i saw your awesome photograph and also your nice profile i must confess u are beautiful,you can send me an email to my email address i will send you my pic through my email address.I am single and looking for a very honest lady like you .i know you will be thinking how come i saw you,i knew you where honest because you looking pretty good when i go through your profile.I would respond to your e-mail as i check it every now and thenSending me some more pics of yourself would be really nice also.i will be very happy if we can get on yahoo chat and get to know each other well better. you can add me let chat.and you can also send me yours as well,I wait for your response. Have a lovelyday

For me, there are all sorts of wrong with this message. Did I tell you that his name is Solomon King? This morning I tried to look him up and couldn’t find him on FB. At least not with the photo I saw yesterday.

Ladies, seriously, who falls for the “When I saw you, the world stops as if the only purpose in life was for me to please you” line? If you’re at all tempted to fall for that, let me know. I’ll stage an intervention. This sister is happy to help out the sisterhood.

Back when I became “legal” and could hit the clubs, there were a few guys who tried a line similar to this, “i knew you where honest because you looking pretty good

Right, “looking pretty good” equals honest. Not in the world I grew up in. Let’s face it, songs and stories are written about how men find women attractive after a bottle of Jack or George (Daniels or Dickle.)

Yes, I’m married. Happily married. My Hero is a wonderful man. He loves me. He gets me. He is the greatest gift in my life.

However, if I weren’t married, I’m too savvy to be catfished.

Urban Dictionary: A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Catfish is too tame a word to label the creep who messaged me.

My response to this: I am sending you this e-mail with all humility and every seriousness of heart is I don’t know you from Adam’s catfish and if for one moment the words were true, wouldn’t you friend the person? Not try to go through the back door? *Creepy*

What would you call it/him?

Happy Reading…just not messages from the “Other” folder on Facebook.

Linda Joyce

About Linda Joyce

Award-winning writer and author Linda Joyce has deep southern roots intertwined with her Japanese heritage. She considers New Orleans home, though she's lived coast to coast in the United States and spent a number of years in Japan. She married her college sweetheart and they live in Atlanta with their three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir. (Beau, Jack, and Reni.) She’s still trying to convince “the boys” that they are her pets, and not the other way around. She loves boiled peanuts, sushi, and grits. She and her husband share a passion for college football. Linda is a member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers, and Southeastern Writers Association.
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8 Responses to Insulting, Creepy, Ignorant, just plain sad. What do you think?

  1. Anybody who fall for this will next get emails telling them how much money he needs to get to America. Oh, yeah. I played along once just to see what the SOB would do. Trust me, creep is too nice a word. Even a$$hole is too nice. MFer gets close. These are scam artist on steroids and hope they can snare some gullible, lonely, heartbroken woman. I’d love to see the pic to see if it could possibly by the same guy who tried this $hit with me.

    Hey, as a writer, one thing that would grate my nerves would be that he obviously doesn’t read or write English. Dead giveaway that he’s a scammer.

    • Linda Joyce says:


      I copied the text and then hit delete. I thought about playing along, but frankly, don’t have the time. However, when I tried to find him this morning, no photo matched the name of the person on FB.

      An older woman I met, very lonely widow fell prey to someone like this. Promised to marry her on the cliffs of Dover. She said he was a contractor in Afghanistan and at the last minute didn’t have the $$ for the plane ticket to get to THEIR wedding. I always wondered what happened to her and how she finally figured out…scammer…

      *sigh* If I ever have to stage an intervention, I’ll call you to participate. :-)



  2. I wouls definitly say creepy stalker who obviously – and yuck about can you send me more picks hello you didn’t send any to start off with! Oh dear you sure know how to find them even when you don’t want to *smiles * April

    • Linda Joyce says:


      I wanted to scream, You moron! I’m a writer. Never send me a message like this!

      In fact, I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they wanted me to join some sort of Promo club for authors. When I went to the site, they had spelled register: Steps to Ragister. When I asked if that was intentional, the reply was, “just sign up and with each post you’ll make money.” Again, I said, “I’m a writer. This misspelling isn’t appropriate to me…” then unfollowed.

      I’m still waiting to see what my husband thinks of this post. :-)


  3. Very creepy; I’ve gotten some creepy messages in my Other folder, I just delete them too. It’s a shame that women fall for this.

  4. Oh, and I’m available if you ever need to do an intervention! :)

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