Irish author and poet, please meet April Hollingworth

The lovely thing about the internet is that it brings people together, connecting folks who share similar interests, no matter where they live. 

I’m pleased to introduce you to April Hollingworth, Irish author and poet.

April Hollingworth

April Hollingworth

For as long as I can remember I have loved the written word. Starting off with reading, I then wrote poems to release what I was feeling. My parents encouraged me to get published; I let fear of them not being good enough stop me. Eventually to prove them wrong I sent a couple off to and they liked them so much I received a best poem certificate for my poem Don’t Morn the Dead that was back in June 2000 so big apology to my parents, they genuinely meant I was good.

Poem: Don't Mourn the Dead by April Hollingworth

Poem: Don’t Mourn the Dead by April Hollingworth

But it took me another 10 years before I did something properly with them. I decided to self publish my collection of poems Different Kinds of Emotions, during this process I realized self publishing isn’t for me. It’s the whole advertising side I lose interest in, also the cost to be honest.

Different Kinds of Emotions by April Hollingworth

Different Kinds of Emotions by April Hollingworth

What I really wanted was to write a novel. I’d have characters popping in to visit, and give me glimpses of what they wanted to show me. Every time I’d start writing, they would go on a long vacation which they haven’t returned from. It wasn’t until 30th December 2012 that a map of Paradise Falls, a fictional town popped into my head. Then Candi Reynolds visited me and started telling me her story, we started off slowly, I kept expecting her to go on holiday like the others. She gave me a clip around the head and threatened to fry me into crispy batter if I didn’t cop on with myself!

It took almost a year and a half to finish, due mainly to my lap top frying, by that stage I found it easier to flow with a keyboard than paper, mainly because my hand writing became atrocious and I couldn’t understand what I was writing. My mum gave me her computer and magic happened, as well as a lot of sleepless nights, due to writing until all hours and when I was about to fall asleep a character would tell me something to write down straight away.

For research I found Google is a writer’s best friend. Seriously the things you find the answers to are crazy, though exceptionally helpful. Once my novel was completed I started searching for publishers. Three months later I sent my book off to different publishers and agents. I have a lot of rejection e-mails. But the publishing house I found last and wanted the most saw the promise of my novel. Lill Farrow the editor looking after my book advised me on how to make it better and sort out my many blunders. I removed a lot of content that wasn’t needed and added in what was. I’ve now been offered a contract with The Wild Rose Press and my debut novel Double Magick in The Falls book 1 in A Candi Reynolds series will be published. I’ve realized you have to follow your dreams, and listen to those with positive pushes and helpful critique.

Here’s more info about April, where you will find her, and other links.


Different Kinds of Emotions

Double Magick in The Falls book 1 in A Candi Reynolds Novel – Coming Soon

The Prophecy book 2 in A Candi Reynolds Novel – A work in progress


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  1. Hey Linda, I would like to thank you for inviting me and having me on join you here today. (Big wave from Ireland) and high to everyone else too. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

    • Whoops, one day I will learn (though properly not) to let myself wake up properly before posting comments and check my spelling too. Hi everyone :D

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thank you for sharing with all of us. So, let me ask you, besides writing, what sorts of things do you do with your spare time?


      • Well I love reading, I’m addicted to reading to be honest. I love traveling and driving. Listening to music, especially listening to music while driving. Dancing, playing pool. I’m out of shape so have bought myself a kick boxing bag, it’s fun and satisfyingly exhausting at the same time. Spending time with my family. I love photography and graveyards, especially old graveyards they are beautiful and very peaceful. I find myself feeling calm and can gather my thoughts and sort them out better.
        Hmmm what else? When traveling abroad I prefer to go native so to speak. Eat what the people in the country I’m visiting eat and visit as much of their culture as possible, after all that is the point in visiting another country.
        I like watching good TV programs and films. Though sometimes I just really love watching a bad film, only sometimes depending on my mood :D

  2. Linda I must say thanks for having me here today :D

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